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Clear Level Funding

Clear Level Funding aims to help clients fully research their mortgage options before committing to a loan. With Clear Level Funding, you’ll make an informed lending choice based on all the loan options out there, both conventional and unconventional.


Clear Level Funding
We Think Outside the Box

Clear Level is ready to deal with any special circumstances you may have. Poor credit? No down payment? We will work with you to find a funding solution that fits your needs. 


Attention Realtors
Can't get your client funded?

We have a solution. Clear Level offers credit alternatives for borrowers who demonstrate the ability to pay but don't otherwise meet traditional guidelines.



What Our Customers are Saying


“Throughout the process, your team kept me informed of each and every step of the process, responded immediately to all questions and concerns that I had, all while providing excellent customer service!”

- RD, Refinancer


“Through heroic efforts (not an exaggeration) by you and your staff this refinance was able to be completed. You guys never stopped until it was done. Your efforts are so appreciated.”

- Angi, Refinancer

Broker Services

"These guys come through every time! Tight deadlines, custom terms. The Clear level Team is there to handle it all.”

- Sharron, Broker