About Clear Level Funding

Savvy mortgage professionals – including partners Sanjiv Bhagat, Ethan J. Ruch, and Steven V. Rheuban – founded Clear Level Funding, Inc. with the vision of connecting their clients with effective, affordable mortgages, and providing greater consumer choice for lenders.

Clear Level Funding aims to help clients fully research their mortgage options before committing to a loan. With Clear Level Funding, you’ll make an informed lending choice based on all the loan options out there, both conventional and unconventional.

The agile company operates out of an office in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and has expanded into the Greater Los Angeles area. Its motivated team of employees and agents serves a diverse set of clients in all corners of the state. The company, then, forgoes the one-size-fits-all approach to mortgage lending, instead focusing on creative funding solutions tailored for each client.

Meet your mortgage goals with a simple, effective financial solution from Clear Level Funding. We’re not just your mortgage banker, we build flexible financial products that help you close on your dream property. For professional guidance with a personal touch, partner with our friendly team of mortgage experts today.



Sanjiv Bhagat


An entrepreneur by nature, Sanjiv has more than 20 years of business experience under his belt – and he isn’t stopping anytime soon. He has managed real estate sales and mortgage brokering in California for many years, always with a focus on developing new protocols and systems that maximize the effectiveness of the venture.

At the helm of Clear Level Funding, Inc., Sanjiv leads the company’s team of motivated employees and agents towards success. Sanjiv, a real estate investor himself, understands intimately the need for effective, yet affordable mortgage loans. He helps clients finance and refinance their residential and commercial properties with creative funding solutions.

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Ethan J. Ruch

Vice President

Formerly the President and CEO of the trusted California mortgage lender Royalty Mortgage Company (RMC), Ethan has a reputation for precise mortgage underwriting in the secondary mortgage markets. While at RMC, Ethan oversaw a portfolio of equity and participation loans that exceeded industry standards for their low default rates.

At Clear Level Funding, Inc., Ethan works hard to help families become homeowners by tirelessly tracking down the best financial products for each client’s situation. He holds tight to the principle of “lender for life” by establishing long-lasting relationships that evolve as the clients’ needs evolve. In his personal life, Ethan likes to spend time with his wife Joan, their three children, and their six grandchildren.


Steven V. Rheuban

Chief Financial Officer

In his 45-year legal career, Steven has brought lasting wealth to his clients by helping them found and fund a wide range of business and, especially, real estate ventures. He has done everything from settling lending disputes over lucrative investment properties to drawing up purchasing contracts for residential foreclosures.

Steven has extensive experience representing his clients in cases before both the state and federal courts. As one of the founders of Clear Level Funding, Inc, Steven applies his deep knowledge of real estate transactions, financing, transaction structures, and construction finance to the oversight and advancement of the company.


Branden Borba   Marketing Representative

Branden Borba

Marketing Representative

Sandra Rivera  Senior Loan Processor

Sandra Rivera

Senior Loan Processor